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In the past two decades, Florida has seen an incredible increase in registered motorcycles, with more than 645,000 registered in 2021, up from only 238,000 at the beginning of the 21st Century. Our state now has the second-highest number of motorcycles in the U.S. by far.

It is no wonder that Florida’s Gulf Coast is a popular place for motorcyclists, with its year-round mild weather and miles upon miles of beautiful coastline views to enjoy. However, with more motorcycles on the road also comes a greater risk of motorcycle accidents. This is a concern, as motorcyclists have a much greater chance of suffering severe injuries or death than other motorists.

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash, you are likely facing a pile of medical bills, financial strain from lost earnings, and pain and suffering. If you are wondering what your rights may be and what compensation you might receive, take action now by contacting a Brandon, FL motorcycle accident lawyer at Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A.

Motorcycle Crashes in Florida

In a recent year, Florida authorities reported the following:

As you can see, while motorcyclists were involved in only a small percentage of overall road accidents, the fatality rate was much, much more substantial than other types of vehicle crashes. This is one reason why motorcycle crashes can be such devastating events. Even if a rider survives, they might have lifelong injuries and impairments to deal with.

Whether you suffered injuries as a motorcyclist or lost a loved one, our legal team is ready to help.

Risks for Motorcyclists in the Brandon Area

You might not consider Brandon to be a risky place, though there are many hidden - or not so hidden - hazards for motorcyclists. First, many motorcyclists access the Brandon area from Interstate 75 or Interstate 4, and these are freeways packed with speeding traffic and tourists. Once in Brandon, motorcyclists might frequent State Road 60, Bloomingdale Avenue, Kings Avenue, or Causeway Boulevard, all of which have traffic and intersections that can pose a threat.

Motorcyclists might take their bikes south of the city to enjoy biker bars or west to take advantage of beach roads. Overall, riding in Brandon, Hillsborough County, and the surrounding areas can be enjoyable, but each road or highway has its own risks of crashes and injuries. An accident can happen at any turn, and you want to know what to do in the event of serious injuries.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Brandon, Florida

There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents are frightening events. Even a near miss can get your heart pounding and cause serious stress. If you get hit by a car or otherwise crash, it can be traumatizing, and the accident scene can be chaotic. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

Medical Treatment

First and foremost, tend to your physical condition. Sometimes, serious injuries are painfully obvious, and if you suspect you suffered spinal trauma, you should stay put and wait for medical personnel to move you. Make sure that you or someone else calls 911.

When the EMTs arrive, let them evaluate you. If they say you need an ambulance, don’t resist. Even if you do not need emergency transportation, you should take yourself to the emergency room as soon as possible. Getting medical attention and a diagnosis of your injuries as soon as possible can help with the following:

Speak with an Attorney

Once your physical condition is under control, your next step should be to consult with a Brandon motorcycle accident lawyer. Insurance companies might be contacting you - or you might think you should call your own PIP insurance company - but it is best to speak with a lawyer before giving any insurer too much information about your accident or injuries.

An insurance adjuster might tell you that you do not need a lawyer, and they might make a quick settlement offer, which seems like an easy way to resolve your situation. Never accept a settlement offer without having an attorney review it. These initial offers are usually far lower than you need, and the insurer is trying to get out of the claim for as little as possible. Accepting anything without legal guidance puts your financial future at risk.

Serious Injuries to Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accident losses are often extensive due to the severity of injuries that riders can suffer. Some common injuries are:

Who is Liable for Your Injury-Related Losses?

Serious injuries lead to serious losses, including medical bills, lost income, and intangible losses like permanent impairments or pain and suffering. To recover financially for such losses, you need to identify who should be liable for your accident. This might include:

These are not the only parties that might play a role in your crash, so you want a full legal evaluation of your accident and potential sources of liability.

Learn How Our Top Brandon Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help You

At Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A., we work with motorcyclists and have seen firsthand how severe injuries can impact your life. We handle every aspect of the necessary insurance claims, fighting for your legal rights while you fight for your physical recovery. Call our office at 813-654-3444 or contact us online for your free case evaluation and initial consultation with a Brandon motorcycle accident attorney.