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Boating and Watercraft Accidents

We are Ready to Help after a Serious Boat Accident in Brandon, Florida

One of the best aspects of visiting or living in the Brandon area is access to waterways. Many people make it a priority to get out on the water, whether they own a boat or rent one. Other people use boats on a daily basis for fishing and other jobs, and you can always see a wide variety of watercraft. The problem is that the risk of boat accidents is high, and many people suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries as a result.

At the law firm of Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A., we represent the rights of injured boat and watercraft accident victims. Our legal team understands the complexities of boat accident claims, and we are ready to evaluate your rights after an injury. Contact our Brandon boat accident lawyers for more information today.

How Boat and Watercraft Accidents Occur

Accidents can happen on the water in many ways. They can also involve many different types of watercraft, including:

Each boat accident is different, and the severity of injuries often depends on what took place before and during the crash. Some ways that accidents happen on the water include:

Many people who visit Florida and rent boats have very little boating experience. These boaters are not familiar with all of the rules of the water, and they may not know what to do in case of an emergency situation. Inexperienced boat operators are a major contributing factor in many boat crashes, though there are many other possible causes:

These are only some examples of negligence that can lead to boat and watercraft crashes. It is important to determine the cause of your crash so you can recover from your injuries and losses.

Boat and Watercraft Accident Claims

If you or a loved one sustained injury in a boat crash, you might have the legal right to compensation from the negligent party. The following are only some common boat accident injuries:

Depending on the circumstances, different parties might be liable for the crash, including the boat operator, the boat owner, or the boat rental company, among others. You should have legal assistance to ensure you file the right insurance claims and have sufficient evidence to prove liability and your damages.

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