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Personal Injury Testimonials

After a pretty bad vehicle accident 2 years ago, I began reading reviews for a local Attorney that could handle my case. Carman & Bevington, P.A. was listed with high reviews, and they were in close proximity to my residence, so they were an obvious choice. Allen Carman, and staff (Melissa & Mike) were very straight forward, professionally on task, and were relentless to get results. Although my case took two years to settle (no cause of their's), I am very satisfied with my decision and the results of Allen Carman handling my legal affairs of the accident. I will always view them as they treated a loyal friend!

J CZ - Brandon - Car Accident

"I highly recommend Carman and Bevington. I went to them after getting into my first accident. They were very helpful and walked me through this whole process that seemed a lot less stressful with their guidance. Melissa was especially helpful and attentive, she was always available to answer any questions. All emails were responded to very quickly."

Christina Reyes - Car Accident

"I went because they help my husband, I would have gotten nothing for my car accident if it was not for them. They really do help Melissa was always so helpful. Micheal was very help full and very pleasant to work with. I thought that Allan was very edgy in a good way over all I would recommend they to anyone and everyone that ask."

Hortensia Maitre - Car Accident

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At Carman & Bevington, our preparation begins from the time that we are retained. At that time, we begin gathering all relevant and necessary information to litigate your claim in front of a jury of your peers, if necessary. However, many personal injury cases are resolved without litigation. Our goal in every case is to get the best result for our client.

We will always be honest with you and let you know what options are available to you. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome and get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. When insurance companies are not willing to provide fair compensation, it is important for our clients to feel that they have attorneys that are willing and able to litigate their interests in a courtroom, if necessary.

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