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Family Law

Experienced Brandon Alimony Modification Attorney

Alimony Modification or Termination

As experienced family law attorneys, we’ve handled both sides of alimony modification cases – clients who’ve needed more financial support after their case was settled and clients who’ve felt they should pay less because their ex-spouse doesn’t truly need their support. What you need to be successful in any modification is a trial attorney that will pay close attention to the details and vigorously support your position. Carman, Bevington & Finegan can help you make your case effectively and take the first steps to modifying alimony or terminating alimony.

How alimony works in the State of Florida

The process of deciding alimony in the state of Florida is a moving target. Alimony is premised upon the needs of a spouse and the other spouse’s ability to pay for that need. Florida Family Court Judges take into account several different factors when making an alimony determination. The length of marriage, health of the spouse, work history, and lifestyle are just a few of the factors considered.

Types of alimony in the State of Florida

There are several types of alimony that can be awarded by a Florida Family Court Judge:

Lifestyle, health, age, career and length of marriage are all factors that go into deciding your alimony award. It’s also important that you remember that there is no formula in an alimony dispute – the award is subjective. Having a trial attorney negotiating and litigation on your behalf can really make a difference when an alimony claim is being made. At Carman, Bevington & Finegan we’re driven by a desire to protect our clients with the same professionalism that we would want in a similar situation. We intend to earn every dollar that we receive and will do our best to help you take those first steps on the road back to happiness.