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Should I Always Go to The Hospital After an Accident in Florida?

Yes, you should always head to the emergency room or seek medical attention as soon as possible after you get into an accident, whether it’s a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or a workplace accident, among others. There are many reasons to do so besides ensuring that you get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for your injuries.

Your Symptoms May Not Appear Immediately After The Accident

You can usually tell if you have suffered an injury after an accident. However, some people don’t notice any symptoms of injury for several hours or days following an accident. When your body senses danger, it will automatically start to release stress hormones, such as adrenaline, in preparation for the fight-or-flight response.

These stress hormones block your pain receptors, which makes some people think that they feel fine because they don’t feel any pain. But when the effects of these hormones wear off, you will then feel pain or other symptoms of injury. If you wait to get medical attention and treatment on time, you may find that your injury has worsened and may be more difficult to treat.

You May Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim If You Delay Your Medical Treatment

If you’re considering bringing a personal injury claim against the party that injured you, getting prompt medical attention and necessary treatments as soon as possible is very helpful for your case. The liable party’s insurance provider must compensate you for your losses, but no insurer will willingly compensate injured victims without investigating the accident first.

Aside from establishing your injuries and related damages, the insurance claims adjuster will likewise investigate your medical records. If you waited too long to seek treatment after your accident rather than heading to the hospital immediately, this may communicate to the adjuster that you’re not as injured as you claim to be. The adjuster will then use this to try and deny your claim or substantially minimize your compensation.

In addition, the claims adjuster will try to argue that you have no way of proving that you got injured in the accident because you did not receive medical attention right away. While these arguments don’t always hold up, especially if you have a personal injury lawyer representing you, if they do, they could reduce the amount of financial compensation you may recover.

To avoid these issues, head to the hospital immediately after getting injured, even if you think that you’re not injured, so you will have official documentation of your injuries and medical treatments.

Talk to a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in Brandon

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