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Blog Posts - Child custody

Can a Child Testify During a Custody Case

Family law proceedings involving child custody matters are always emotionally charged and anxiety-inducing. Many parents wonder if their child can express their preferences to the judge or if their child’s testimony will hold any weight during a child custody case. Our Brandon family law attorneys at Carman, Bevington & Finegan,...

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How Often are Children Split Up During Custody Battles?

For parents with multiple children, the mere thought of being separated from their children due to a custody battle can be overwhelming. One of the most challenging things you can face in these situations is the possibility of the court separating siblings. If you are a parent who is considering...

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What is Time-Sharing in Florida?

When a relationship ends, determining how best to continue raising children is an essential part of the separation or divorce process. For parents in Florida, this often involves navigating the concept of time-sharing, which is an essential aspect of the state’s family law system. You might need to schedule a...

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Concurrent Custody in Florida

Even among caring and able parents who offer nothing but the best for their child, there comes a time in life they may seek help from a relative or another person to help take care of the child. In many cases, this may be as simple as asking a relative...

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Steps to Modifying Time-sharing Plans in FL

It is common for a child time-sharing plan put into place years before to no longer work for you and your child. Maybe you or your child have schedule or activity changes that make the current plan impractical or impossible to follow. Perhaps you have more serious concerns for your...

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Can an Arrest Impact Your Custody Rights?

Florida courts make custody determinations (called time-sharing and parenting determinations under Florida law) based on what the judge finds is in the best interests of the child. Many factors should be examined and considered when making custody decisions, including the criminal history of each parent. Many parents wonder whether or...

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