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Can patients recover from TBIs?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from trauma to the head or violent shaking of the head that damages brain tissue. There is a wide range of effects of a TBI, which depend on the severity and location of the brain damage. While some people make a full recovery, others never return to their previous “normal,” and they might have to find a new job or even stop working altogether.

Permanently disabling brain injuries can lead to overwhelming losses. Even if someone makes a recovery, a TBI can be a costly condition to treat. You always want the help of a Brandon, Florida brain injury attorney if you believe that someone else should be responsible.

Common Effects of TBIs

While each patient will have their own experience when it comes to symptoms of a brain injury, many people deal with one or more of the following effects:

Cognitive Impairments

Your brain is responsible for all of your cognitive abilities, which means that brain injuries can impair those abilities. Some people experience difficulty with:

Physical Impairments

Physical impairments can result from TBIs, such as:

Behavioral and Emotional Effects

Your brain is also in charge of your overall behavior, judgment, and personality, and these can all be impacted by a TBI. Some people experience:

Your TBI Prognosis

Just like symptoms can vary, so can the prognoses that TBI victims receive. Some people might be diagnosed with a concussion, rest for a few days, and then resume regular activities. Others might be diagnosed with a so-called “mild” concussion but develop persistent post-concussive symptoms, which might last for months or even recur for years.

With moderate brain injuries, patients often recover slowly over months or years with the right therapies, though some symptoms might persist despite treatment. A severe TBI can have permanent effects, resulting in life-long disabilities for patients. Some patients with severe traumatic brain injuries might be unconscious and in a coma for a long time following the injury, and even if they wake up, they might be in a permanent vegetative state.

Patients with long-term impairments from TBIs often incur many losses, including:

If you are not expected to recover from the effects of your injuries, your losses will continue for the rest of your life.

Contact Our Brandon Brain Injury Attorneys for Help

Calculating losses from a brain injury can be challenging, but a Brandon personal injury lawyer can help to make sure you recover the financial compensation you deserve if another party caused your injuries. Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A., is here to help, so please call 813-654-3444 or contact us online today.