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Family Law

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Florida Family Law Attorneys Representing Clients in Tampa

Family law issues are among the most difficult legal matters that a person can face, from filing for divorce to dealing with a complicated child custody case to seeking help for domestic violence. Tampa family law cases can be complex and contentious, and it is important to have an advocate on your side who has experience handling a variety of legal matters while understanding the complicated family dynamics that can arise in each case. Having an experienced Tampa family law attorney to represent you can ease some of the stress and anxiety surrounding your case. While family law matters are never easy, you can feel secure knowing that you have an experienced lawyer to assist you at every stage of your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the attorneys at Carman and Bevington for assistance.

Types of Family Law Cases Our Firm Handles in Tampa

There are many kinds of legal issues that can arise within the broader category of family law, and a Tampa family lawyer at our firm is here to assist you. Many family law cases arise under the portions of the Florida Statutes concerning dissolution of marriage, support, and time-sharing, although other areas of Florida law also may be relevant. Our firm routinely represents clients in a wide range of family law cases, including but not limited to the following:

Divorce in Tampa

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not need to prove fault to be eligible to get divorced in Tampa. In fact, courts do not want parties to allege fault. Rather, to be eligible for divorce, you must meet the residency requirements (one of the spouses must be a resident of Florida for at least six months prior to filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage), and the party filing must allege that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Divorces can take varying lengths of time depending upon the specific circumstances of the case. Uncontested divorces, or those in which the spouses have reached an agreement about all matters from property division to child custody and support, typically go quicker because the court does not have to hear from both parties and resolve any disputes. When even one issue is in dispute, the parties will need to go before a judge, who will decide. These cases are known as contested divorces and tend to take more time. Options may be available to move from a contested to an uncontested divorce.

Financial Issues in Tampa Family Law

Many financial issues affect families in Tampa and are the source of family law cases. In general, our firm assists clients with the division of marital property according to the rule of equitable distribution, alimony (which is also known as spousal support or maintenance), and child support.

Tampa Child Custody and Paternity

Family law cases frequently involve minor children from marriages and other relationships. Our firm routinely represents parents in child custody cases, and we can assist you with all aspects of your child custody matter. We can help you to prove that your parenting is in the best interests of the child, and that you should play an important role in the child’s day-to-day life through time-sharing. When parents can reach an agreement about how they will share custody, they can create a parenting plan that is in the child’s best interests. Otherwise, the court will order a parenting plan based on the child’s best interests.

Paternity is another common matter involving children. There are various reasons to establish paternity, but most often these cases involve a mother who is seeking child support or a father who is seeking child custody.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements under Florida law, are important for anyone getting married regardless of age, income, or socioeconomic status. Our lawyers can help you to draft a prenuptial agreement, or we can assist you in matters concerning the enforceability of a prenuptial agreement in your divorce case.

Modifications to Existing Family Law Orders in Tampa

After a lengthy or complex family law case, it can be frustrating to think about going back to court to seek a modification of an existing family law order. However, for a wide variety of reasons, circumstances can change, and Tampa residents may need to seek a modification. For example, it may be necessary to modify a support order after the paying party loses a job or becomes disabled and cannot work. Or, for instance, it may be necessary to modify a child custody order after one of the parents is required to relocate for their job.

While you should discuss the specifics of a modification with your family lawyer in Tampa, Florida law generally requires the party who is petitioning for a modification to show that a material and substantial change in circumstances has occurred, and that the change in circumstances was unforeseeable.

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Do you have questions about family law issues in the Tampa area, or do you need assistance with your family law case? One of our dedicated and experienced Tampa family lawyers can begin working with you today. From prenuptial agreements and divorce to matters impacting the parent-child relationship and family finances, our firm is here to help. Contact Carman and Bevington to learn more about the family law services we provide in Florida.