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What You Need to Know About Child Custody and Time-Sharing Schedules in Brandon

If you’re a single parent or going through the process of getting a divorce in Hillsborough County, one of your primary concerns is making sure your child is provided for properly. In Florida, child time-sharing arrangements are generally encouraged and allow both parents to remain active and involved in the child’s life. Our Brandon child time-sharing lawyers explain how they are created and how to handle any disputes that arise.

Determining a Child Time-Sharing Schedule in Brandon

When couples with children make the difficult decision to break up or otherwise not live together, child time-sharing schedules in Brandon determine their rights and obligations in regard to their child.

Under the Florida Statutes, child time-sharing arrangements are generally encouraged and considered to be in the child’s best interest. Parents are generally encouraged to negotiate these arrangements, using a Florida parenting plan as a guide. This allows for more personalized, custom child time-sharing plans rather than simply allowing the judge to decide. Factors to consider when making a child time-sharing schedule in Brandon include:

Negotiating a Brandon Time-Sharing Schedule

Negotiating a time-sharing schedule through the Hillsborough County Family Court is never easy, and it is common for disputes to arise. However, be aware that refusing to participate or otherwise being uncooperative can have serious ramifications. In the event the judge has to step in, your inability to negotiate and work with the other party could jeopardize your own rights in regard to your child.

To protect yourself and the best interests of your child, follow these tips for negotiating a Brandon time-sharing schedule and handling disputes:

Failing to adhere to a court-approved time-sharing schedule in Brandon could result in heavy fines and court costs, as well as loss of parental rights.

When negotiating something as important as child time-sharing arrangements, it is important to get legal guidance from someone you can trust throughout the process. At Carmen and Bevington: Brandon Legal, we have extensive experience helping parents in our community.

We provide the professional legal representation you need in creating a time-sharing schedule and resolving any disputes that arise. Call or contact our Brandon time-sharing lawyers online today to request a consultation.