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Recovery From Catastrophic Burns in Brandon

Burns are among the most painful types of personal injuries in Brandon. They can happen in a variety of ways and have the potential to be catastrophic. Recovery is often a long process and can leave you facing major amounts of lost wages and medical expenses. Our Brandon personal injury lawyers explain more about the risks and your rights to compensation in a claim.

Burn Injuries in Brandon Have the Potential to Be Severe

Burn injuries in Brandon can happen due to car accidents or other types of crashes. They are also common due to fires or being exposed to hot objects or hazardous substances. The Mayo Clinic advises that burn injuries are generally divided into three categories:

Compensation for Catastrophic Burn Injuries

When personal injuries in Brandon happen due to the negligence of others, you have the right to hold them liable for losses you suffer as a result. Under the Florida Statutes, catastrophic injuries are those that are severe and result in permanent impairments. In addition to major injuries involving the head, back, or neck, burn injuries often fall into this category.

Recovery from catastrophic burn injuries in Brandon may require long months of hospitalization and multiple skin grafts or other painful medical procedures. You may be left unable to work in the aftermath, while scarring or disfigurement that results impacts other areas of your life. You are entitled to compensation for these and other losses suffered due to catastrophic burn injuries in Brandon. This includes:

Request a Consultation With Our Brandon Burn Injury Lawyers Today

Severe and disabling burn injuries in Brandon can happen in a variety of ways and have the potential to have catastrophic impacts on your life. At Carmen and Bevington: Brandon Legal, we help you get the compensation you need to recover.

While you focus on yourself and the healing process, our Brandon burn injury lawyers take the legal actions needed to hold those at fault accountable for your losses in a claim. To get the total amount you need to cover the current and future financial costs often associated with catastrophic burn injuries, call or contact our office online and request a consultation today.