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What Are the Most Common Family Law Cases in Florida?

Family law matters are among the most potentially sensitive and complex cases handled through the Hillsborough County Courts. Decisions made during family court proceedings can impact your rights in relationships, your finances, and your overall happiness and well-being for years into the future. To protect yourself and those you love, get our legal team on your side. Read on for four common types of cases our experienced Brandon family lawyers represent.

Four Common Family Law Cases Addressed in the Hillsborough County Court

Legal matters impacting the rights and relationships of family members in our area are dealt with through the Hillsborough County Family Court. They center around oaths, verbal agreements, contracts, and court orders of a highly personal and sensitive nature, impacting individuals, couples, parents, children, and other family members involved. The following are four common family law cases and the often complex issues associated with each:

1. Divorce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that close to one million people get divorced in the U.S. each year. In Hillsborough County, one of the most important issues to address in divorce is the division of marital assets. This determines how real estate, cars, personal property, money in bank accounts, business interests, retirement benefits, and other assets are split between the parties.

2. Rights Regarding Children

Paternity proceedings play a major role in determining rights and obligations among unmarried parents. Once paternity is established, or in cases of divorce, child time-sharing is another important issue addressed in the family court.

Under the Florida Statutes, child time-sharing arrangements, made via parenting plans, are generally encouraged and allow both parties to play a role in the child’s life. These are negotiated through you, your spouse, and your attorneys before a final order is issued by the judge in your case.

3. Financial Support

Parents have a legal obligation to provide financially for their children. In dealing with single or divorced parents, a reasonable amount of child support will be determined by the court. This is then divided between the parties based on their income and other factors.

Alimony is another type of financial support, often awarded in divorce cases where one spouse sacrificed their own career for the marriage or makes significantly less than another.

4. Enforcement Efforts

Orders issued through the family court impact relationships, the well-being of children, and rights to property and assets. Among the most common types of family law cases in Hillsborough County are enforcement proceedings to make sure any final court orders put in place are adhered to.

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Family court cases in Florida address sensitive matters and have the potential to impact your life in major ways for years to come. Get the trusted legal guidance you need to protect yourself and your rights, get Carmen and Bevington: Brandon Legal on your side. To request a confidential consultation, call or contact our Brandon family lawyer online today.