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Can Dating During a Separation Cause Issues With the Divorce Settlement?

Florida law prohibits people who are not yet divorced from marrying anyone else until the divorce is final. However, the law does not prohibit you from entering into a dating relationship with someone else while your divorce case is pending. While the temptation might exist to get a head start on finding a new partner, dating can potentially have a negative effect on your divorce settlement.

It is best to discuss any dating relationships you or your spouse have with your Brandon divorce attorney. We can advise you what adverse impact you might expect.

Increasing Animosity

Often, one spouse entering into a new relationship can create even more tension between the married couple. This is especially true if one spouse is not yet on board with the overall divorce process. Even though your marriage is on its way out, feelings of jealousy or resentment can result from your spouse if you begin seeing someone new. It can be difficult to watch a spouse move on with their lives so quickly, and this can lead to bitterness.

While emotions do not directly impact the legal process, they can make it more challenging. Perhaps your spouse was willing to agree to a certain property settlement, but once they realize you are dating someone, they decide they want more property than previously. Resentment can lead a spouse to stop being cooperative during the process, which can make a settlement more challenging and can eat up additional resources.

Effects on Time-Sharing

If you and your spouse share children, time-sharing arrangements will be part of the divorce process. Dating someone new should not immediately impact your time-sharing rights, but it could lead your spouse to make arguments against a shared time-sharing plan. They might argue that:

You will need to demonstrate that your time with your children is in their best interestsdespite your new dating relationship.

Effect on Your Judgment

Dating someone new is exciting, especially after a longer marriage. You might feel the need to rush the divorce process so you can move on faster, which might mean agreeing to settlement terms that go against your interests. It is critical not to let dating affect your judgment when it comes to your divorce case, and the terms of your judgment will impact your life for a long time. You need an objective legal advocate providing advice in this situation.

Seek Guidance from a Brandon, FL Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are dating during your divorce or not, the Brandon divorce attorneys at Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A., can represent your rights and interests. Contact us online to discuss your situation and how we might help you.