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It’s Not A Good Idea To Post About Your Accident On Social Media

Many people take to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to discuss even minor details of their lives. When something major and out-of-the-ordinary happens – like a serious car accident – it is especially tempting to want to tell thousands of your “friends” and “followers” about the event. If you suffered from injuries, you may think social media is an easy way to keep your network posted about your condition and progress all at once. While this may seem convenient and harmless, posting about your accident on social media can often be a significant detriment to your car accident legal claim.

In this day and age, information from your social media accounts can be obtained and used as evidence against you in a car accident case. You can bet the defendant’s insurance company will be digging into your accounts to see if they can find anything to challenge your claim. The following are only some ways your social media presence can hurt your car accident case.

Your Posts

Many car accident victims use social media to reassure family and friends that they are okay. By saying this, however, an insurance company may use it as evidence that your injuries have healed or were not as serious as you stated in your claim. Even if your social media posts focus on how much pain you’re experiencing, the insurance company may claim you are trying to exaggerate your injuries.

We all know that even though we are experiencing pain, we can still post “normal” things on social media. However, even being too active on social media and posting regularly about other issues can indicate to the insurance company that you have much more than your injuries on your mind.

Your Photos

Photos can also be a tricky matter on social media. Maybe you mustered the energy to go to dinner to celebrate your brother’s birthday in the weeks after your crash. You post a photo of your family at a restaurant, and the insurance company thinks that if you’re well enough to go out, you should be well enough to return to work.

Perhaps you are confined to your couch because of your injuries and want to remember better times, so you post an old photo of yourself from your last beach vacation on Instagram. Even though it’s an old photo, the insurance company checking your page does not know this, and uses the images from a vacation as a basis to lower your settlement offer. Also, always stay aware that others can tag you in photos even if you do not post them yourself.

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Overall, it is wise to stay completely off social media while your car accident claim is pending, and you may want to suspend your accounts altogether. To best protect your rights, always discuss what you should and should not do after a crash, including social media activity. Contact a Brandon car accident lawyer at the office of Carman, Bevington & Finegan, P.A. by calling 813-654-3444 or contacting us online today.