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What is High Conflict Divorce?

Many divorcing spouses experience conflict on a regular basis, and such conflict might have been persisting for months or even years. However, some couples decide to set their differences aside during the divorce process to try to reach out-of-court agreements to lower the time, stress, and cost of their divorce. On the other hand, some couples refuse to work together, which can cause delays and added expenses.

In certain situations, the conflict can go far beyond disagreement and the unwillingness to compromise. These are considered to be “high conflict” divorces, and they can be particularly difficult experiences. One or both spouses might be perpetuating the high conflict but, in either case, it is essential to have a committed legal advocate handling your case.

Reasons for High Conflict

There are different reasons why conflict will persist and escalate throughout the divorce process, including the following.

One spouse does not want to get divorced. When one spouse wants a divorce, and the other does not, the spouse who wants to remain married might try to make the process as difficult as possible. Often, this is with the hope that the divorce will not be finalized and they can stay married.

A spouse has a personality disorder. People who have tendencies toward narcissistic, borderline, or other similar personality disorders might be particularly difficult during the divorce process. Often, people with such disorders are master manipulators who might be overly entitled while blaming others for their problems. This is the prime situation when someone might create high conflict.

There is a substance abuse problem. If one or both spouses abuse drugs or alcohol, they can be unreliable and unpredictable in a divorce. Not knowing how whether someone will show up to negotiations or court sober – or show up at all – can create serious conflict during the legal process.

Common Effects on Your Case

Each high conflict divorce is different, as spouses might try to use different tactics to achieve different objectives. Some spouses might want to:

There are different ways that people can cause high conflict in a divorce, including:

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Divorce is challenging enough without having to deal with a spouse who insists on creating serious conflict. You do not want your spouse’s misconduct to impact the rest of your life, including your finances and your relationship with your children. If you are facing a high conflict divorce, you need a Brandon divorce lawyer from Carman, Bevington & Finegan on your side. Call 813-654-3444 or contact us online to learn how we can help.