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Types of Compensation for a Car Accident

Car accidents can disrupt your day – and even your entire life. The aftermath of a crash does not end after you exchange information or speak with the police. Instead, you can feel the effects of an accident for weeks, months, or even years to come. The law recognizes that car accident victims deserve compensation from parties that caused the crash, though compensation can vary widely from case-to-case.

Below, we discuss some types of compensation that might be available to car accident victims. The compensation available in your specific case will depend on the nature of your injuries and losses, so you should always speak directly with a Brandon car accident attorney about your situation.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are a major part of car accident settlements. We all know that healthcare is costly, and many car accident victims sustain severe injuries that need extensive medical treatment. Even a relatively minor injury may require emergency treatment, and a trip to the emergency room by ambulance can cost thousands of dollars alone. Other treatment costs may include:

Whether someone has a broken bone or a life-altering brain injury, they will likely need to seek compensation for their medical claims. This can be accomplished through the insurance claim process or by a personal injury lawsuit in certain situations involving serious injuries. If you need ongoing medical care for your injuries, your attorney can help estimate future medical expenses.

Lost Earnings

A car accident can cause you to miss work, and whether you miss one day or many months, you can lose income as a result. When it is time to file a claim, you can submit your pay statements and other documentation showing how much income you lost due to your injuries. In some cases, you might still be out of work at the time of your claim, and you can seek payment for your estimated future earnings you will lose. This calculation can be complex and involves many factors, so you want to ensure you have a knowledgeable car accident lawyer handling this type of claim.

Intangible Losses

Not all car accident damages are directly related to financial losses. The law allows victims to seek compensation for intangible losses stemming from severe injuries. These can include:


In some cases, car accident victims can obtain punitive damages when the liable driver’s actions were particularly egregious, such as drunk driving.

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There is no question that car accidents can have costly results. It is important to call Carman, Bevington & Finegan so we can determine the type of compensation to which you might be entitled and how to seek this financial recovery. Contact us directly to discuss your rights after a crash and how our Brandon auto accident attorneys can help.