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Parents Timesharing Children During Quarantine

Sharing physical custody – which is called timesharing under Florida law – can be challenging in many ways. Not only do you miss your child when they are not with you but juggling complicated and changing schedules can be practically difficult. This is true even if you can cooperate and communicate with your child’s other parent.

Many parents have experienced yet another layer of complications to timesharing due to the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting stay-at-home orders. Parents sharing time with their child might have questions about how to handle the matter if their child must be quarantined.

Adjustments to Timesharing

Parents generally have a standard timesharing schedule they follow under regular circumstances. Stay-at-home orders are not intended to change this schedule, and parents should stick by it as closely as possible. Some changes might be needed since children are home from school, and one parent may still be reporting to work. Any necessary adjustments to timesharing should be discussed between the parents, who should try to be as flexible as possible and work together in these already stressful times.

However, what happens if your child contracted COVID-19 and must be strictly quarantined? This generally means that your child should not leave your house or come into contact with anyone outside your household. In addition, if you or your child’s other parent contracts COVID-19, you should be quarantined from your child. Either of these scenarios require major changes to the timesharing arrangement.

Other Ways to Timeshare During Quarantine

Both parents should agree to do what is best for the child’s health and well-being, and in the event that someone is sick, this often means that the child stays at one parent’s home only. However, in this day and age, there are many ways for a child to still visit with a parent when they are not in the same home.

FaceTime and other video conferencing apps are essential in this time of social distancing, and they can facilitate visits with parents when they cannot be in person due to strict quarantine. The parent who is not living with the child can still read stories, play games, and more via technology.

What is most important in these situations is to heed the advice and instructions of your child’s doctors. If their pediatrician recommends strict quarantine in one house, you should take every step possible to make it work – whether that house is yours or the other parent’s. If your child’s other parent refuses to listen to the doctor’s instructions, you should discuss your options with a Florida timesharing attorney right away.

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